tml-fishingboat2-tallThe mission of tracemylobster.com is to provide the consumer with the ability to follow their Maine Lobster from the trap right to the table. “I know the Maine lobsterman, their vessel, the date caught, and where off the coast of Maine it was caught!” Users are able to interact with the lobsterman to thank them, ask questions, or just say Hi.

tracemylobster.com always ensures the consumer they are enjoying a real Maine Lobster.

Traceability systems are important, effective tools that can be used for many purposes, including the protection of lobster health, public health and food safety.

tracemylobster.com not only provides the consumer a fun and interactive means to Trace My Lobster, tracemylobster.com visualizes a lobster’s true supply chain. Connecting businesses and consumers to a deeper understanding of the impact of lobster life-cycle through documentation and visualization of the supply chain, from ocean, to retailer, to everyone. tracemylobsert.com establishes tools for supply chain transparency to develop a leading approach to sustainable and traceable lobster.

tracemylobster.com provides vital catch data such as fisherman, boat slips numbers, dates, units, geo location and more.  tracemylobster.com houses true traceability data to those who value exacting catch information.  It brings a lobster back to the boat and sea from where it came. Such data can and will be used in research, education and by seafood traceability organizations who seek to know the true origin of the Maine Lobster being landed, sold and enjoyed.